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To Infinity and Beyond (Use the Figure 8 Technique to Feel Calm Fast)

Do you ever have trouble falling or staying asleep? Before you reach for the pill bottle, try this simple energy technique to calm a busy brain and get a great night's sleep. It's free. It's easy. There are no side effects.

In less than 7 minutes, I teach you how to use the Infinity Technique (aka the figure 8 technique) to quiet a chattering mind, heal injuries, prepare the brain for learning, and strengthen your energetic boundaries. Because it integrates the energy between the hemispheres, the Infinity Technique also prepares the brain for learning (like the Energy Pretzel technique).

If this all sounds too woo-woo for you...try it anyway! This technique is rooted in ancient practices of Tai Chi and Qigong. There must be a good reason people still use it today.




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