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What's Your Superpower? (How to be an Agent for Peace Through Heart Rate Variability)

If you could wish for any superpower, what would you choose? Sure, flying would be pretty cool. How about to be an Agent for Peace?

Fear and animosity are rampant. These emotions make it difficult to think clearly. Feeling scared or angry impedes our brain's ability to problem solve, collaborate, and make decisions. When our brain goes on high alert, benign events can be misinterpreted as a threat to our safety. Our survival instinct can lead us to overreact - even lash out at others.

You already have the superpower to spread peace. You just need to practice it. Our heart is always broadcasting magnetic waves -- like a little radio station. Studies have proven that a heart in coherence can bring the hearts of people nearby into coherence as well. Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to practice heart coherence using a biofeedback device and radiate coherence to hearts nearby. This helps people around us relax, tap into their cognitive abilities and interpret non-threatening situations.

When we learn how to use the power of our heart to foster social coherence, we can transform every difficult conversation --whether with your parents, your teenager, or your boss at work -- into a positive, heart-to-heart interaction.


Achieving Collective Coherence: Group Effects on Heart Rate Variability Coherence and Heart Rhythm Synchronization

New Frontiers in Heart rate Variability and social Coherence research: techniques, technologies, and implications for improving Group dynamics and outcomes

Long-Term Study of Heart Rate Variability Responses to Changes in the Solar and Geomagnetic Environment.



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