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Raise Your Shield (6-minute Guided Meditation)

Our bio-energy field is susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of the people around us. Have you ever had the experience of suddenly feeling anxious and you don’t know why? If may not be your energy. You may be detecting and responding to the energy from someone else. It could be the person who just walked past you in the grocery store aisle or your server in a restaurant or a coworker.

In their 2022 survey “Stress in America,” the American Psychological Association (APA) reported that 27% of adults reported feeling too stressed to function on most days. They were having difficulty concentrating and making decisions. The rate was significantly higher, 46%, for adults under the age of 35.

Given that nearly 30% of us feel too stressed to function on most days, that’s a lot of anxiety being broadcast into the collective field. In this video I guide you in a 6-minute meditation to energetically shield yourself. Use this meditation to prepare yourself before going into a situation where you will be around other people - such as work, school, or a store.



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