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What the Bleep is an Intuitive Energy Healer?? (Healing Touch for People and Pets)

When I meet someone new, the conversation goes like this:

Them: And what do you do?

Me: I'm a health coach and energy healer.

Them: ummm you sell vitamin supplements?

The conversation would be smoother if I were a teacher, a lawyer, or a doctor -- a profession that people understand. I get some interesting reactions.

There are multiple energy healing modalities. Most people have heard of Reiki, or Therapeutic Touch. I am trained in Healing Touch, which was developed in the 1980’s by a former Navy nurse named Janet Mentgen. Healing Touch is taught in nursing schools and offered by hospitals.

Healing Touch has proven effective for relieving pain, improving sleep, calming people with dementia, and easing the side effects of chemo. In this video I explain in a what to expect in an intuitive energy healing session.

If all this seems like a bleeping bunch of woo-woo, believe me -- I get it!! My introduction to energy work was through a parenting class that I took at a local hospital. The nurse teaching the class demonstrated how to soothe a child using (what I learned later was) a Healing Touch technique. It was such a profound firsthand experience that I set the intention to learn more and I am glad that I did.

I love this video produced by the Veterans Administration.

Check out these research studies:



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