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Your Guide to Transformational Change: Part 3 Mental Rehearsal and Practice

This is the third installment in my guide to transformational change. In the first two sections we talked about the power of intention and assessing your readiness to change. This sections covers putting your intention into action.

Before we dive in, let’s talk about the power of imagination. Studies have shown that we can improve our physical performance through mental imagery. Olympians and professional athletes use imagery to gain competitive edge. Take a moment to close your eyes and create a mental picture of yourself successfully achieving your intention. How do you feel? How are you celebrating your success? Make the image as vivid as you can. Where are you? What are you wearing? What time of day is it? What do you hear? Pause the video, set a time for 2 minutes, and picture the scene.

Look at your intention. Is there anything you want to change? Is it specific enough?

When will you practice your intention this week? Consider whether you can link the practice of your intention to an existing habit. For example, when I started a daily yoga practice I decided to roll out my mat after I finished in the bathroom and before I got dressed. When I decided to drink more water, I decided to drink a full mug of water before my first mug of coffee in the morning. Timing a new habit to coincide with an existing habit helps us to remember to do it.

You could create a notification on your phone or post a reminder note where you will see it — like the bathroom mirror.

Practice your intention for the week. Every time you take action, celebrate yourself. It could be a simple as saying “Nailed it!” With a little happy dance.

Some things I want you to keep in mind this week —

  • Transformational change is a journey filled with peaks, valleys, and detours.

  • Perfection is an illusion. No one and no thing is perfect.

  • Be kind to yourself. If you forget to practice, first - forgive yourself! Ask yourself what you can learn from the experience.

If you have questions please leave me a comment or email me at

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