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What's My Hara?

Electrical systems, including the human energy field, need a grounding wire to prevent short circuits. The hara, or Line of Intention, extends from above our head, through the origination point of each major chakra, deep into the earth. When we are grounded, the energy flows freely through our field.

When we are ungrounded, thoughts zap around our mind like the bouncing white ball on a spinning roulette wheel. No matter how much we try to channel our inner Idina Menzel, we just can't "let it go."

Direct, uninsulated contact with the earth is one way to ground ourselves. When a barefoot stroll is not convenient, we can also ground ourselves through intention. Learn how in this week's video.

If you want to experience energy healing firsthand, I'm giving away a one-hour session. Register at IntendWell.US by noon EST on Thursday, February 29, 2024.



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