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Discover the Remarkable, Amazing and FREE Healing Power of Earthing

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Clinton Ober's life took a dramatic turn in 1993 when he nearly died from a serious infection following dental surgery. His doctors had given up hope but a young surgeon suggested an experimental procedure that saved Ober's life. As his health returned, possessions he once treasured now felt like a burden. Ober sold his telecom business and spacious house with a glorious view of the Rockies, bought an RV, and hit the road. He felt called to a higher purpose but little did he know the impact he would have on the wellbeing of so many others.

One afternoon in 1998, as Ober was relaxing on a park bench in Sedona, AZ watching tourists parade past he was struck by the insulating qualities of modern footwear, which he himself was wearing. Ober knew from his background in the telecom industry that a cable TV system required grounding to ensure a clear signal. As his mind wandered back to a childhood friend whose mother encouraged her son to go barefoot outside, Ober began to wonder whether lack of contact with the Earth had an affect on human health.

His experimentation led to the creation of a grounding mat-a conductive pad connected by wire to a rod inserted in the ground outside his bedroom window. When Ober experienced more restful sleep and reduction in chronic pain, he started making grounding mats for his friends. After they reported similar health improvements, Ober tried to share his revelation with doctors but no one was interested. One doctor questioned why he should recommend going barefoot when his patients could do it for free.

Ober knew he had found his calling. Undaunted by initial skepticism, he began to educate himself on scientific research protocols. Eventually, he found experts willing to formally investigate the health benefits of grounding. Limited to a small sample size of only twelve participants, the first study was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2004. Other studies followed.

Graph of cortisol levels over 24-hour period before and after 6 weeks of sleeping grounding

These graphs show cortisol levels before and after grounding. In unstressed individuals, the normal 24-hour cortisol secretion profile follows a predictable pattern: lowest around midnight and highest around 8 a.m. Graph (a) illustrates the wide variation of patterns among study participants prior to grounding, while (b) shows a realignment and normalization trend of patterns after six weeks of sleeping grounded.

Scientists realized that the negatively-charged free electrons on the Earth's surface discharge the positive charge associated with inflammation in the body. This could explain why a wild animal like an antelope can readily recover from the "fight or flight" response invoked by the pursuit of a hungry lioness whereas stress hormones tend to accumulate in humans leading to inflammation over time.

Inflammation is associated with a host of ailments including allergies, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, intestinal disorders, kidney failure, lupus, multiple sclerosis, pain, pancreatitis, and skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. Multiple studies found a statistically significant reduction in inflammation following grounding.

Medical infrared images showing areas of pain and inflammation before and after 4 nights sleeping grounded

Shown above are medical infrared images of a 65-year-old woman with chronic thigh and knee pain on the right side, ankle and foot pain, and swelling of the left foot. Top row images show lower extremities taken before using the earthing sleep system. Arrows denote most significant areas of inflammation and correspond precisely with subject’s areas of complaint. Bottom images taken after 4 nights sleeping on earthing sleep system. Note considerable reduction in inflammation and return toward normal thermal symmetry. Patient reported steady continued improvement at a 40-day follow-up.

The extent of health improvements increase over time. So, while bare skin to Earth contact is most effective, indoor grounding mats offer convenient access to prolonged exposure. These mats connect to the nonelectrical grounding connection in a standard wall outlet. Personally, I have experienced years of rejuvenating sleep since I started using a grounding mat. I've also bought mats for family members, including my cats.

Healing Touch practitioners are taught to intentionally connect to the Earth before a session with a client. When I was first learning Healing Touch, I would sometimes forget to ground beforehand but the resulting nausea that would ensue was a powerful reminder. Knowing how to ground yourself using intention comes in handy when other methods are not available.

If you are taking medication for blood glucose control, thyroid, a blood thiner, or anti-inflammatory medication consult with your doctor before trying grounding so your dosage can be adjusted as needed.


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