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How to Raise Your Vibe: Thoughts are Energy

drawing showing the bio-field surrounding the human body
Our bio-field vibrates at a frequency measured in hertz

You are not the person that you were yesterday nor the person you will be tomorrow. You are rivers of scintillating, ever-changing energy. The air in your lungs now will be replaced by your next breath. New blood, bone, and skins cells are being born as old cells die. Food is received, processed, nutrients delivered, and waste expelled. 

We identify with our tangible body. We can see it, touch it, feel with it. Yet there is so much more to us than what our sense perceive. We radiate energy that can be measured up to 6 feet away although it likely extends even farther. This energetic bio-field is composed of our thoughts and emotions. All energy vibrates at a frequency that is measured in hertz (Hz). Emotions like regret and shame vibrate in the range of 20 - 100 Hz while love and serenity vibrate in the 500-540 Hz range. High-vibe emotions feel good; low-vibe emotions—not so much.

My transition from chronically low-vibe to chronically high-vibe began with observing my thoughts. I noticed that much of the time I was reliving events from the past as my inner critic complained that I should have handled the situation differently. As the unfairness of it all dredges up another unpleasant memory I begin to stew in a chowder of low-vibe emotions. One irrefutable truth about the past—it can’t be changed. When I wasn’t reliving the past, I was worrying about the future; spoiling a perfectly satisfying present with unlikely worst case scenarios. On irrefutable truth abut the future—we don't know what will happen.

With practice I trained my brain to live in the present even when it is not all unicorns and rainbows. The frigid wind that steals my breath away today only enhances my pleasure of the soft breezes caressing bare skin in summer. Gurgles of empty stomach in this moment will make a full belly more pleasing. The present deserves our undivided attention. As I appreciate my life in the moment, my vibration rises. 

To raise your vibe, begin by observing your thoughts. Notice how thoughts connect to emotions. Redirect your focus when unproductive thoughts steal your joy. 

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