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How to Conquer Your Stress Response: Powerful 2-Minute Breathing Technique

Breath is life, yet many people breathe in a less than optimal manner, perpetuating the stress response in their bodies. We can learn to conquer stress through intentional breathing.

When the stress response is triggered, the body undergoes complex physiological changes. Heart rate accelerates, nonessential functions—such as digesting food, dispatching virus, and generating new cells—are put on hold, and respiration becomes fast and shallow. However, in today's world where stressors are frequent and often immaterial to physical activity—after all, I cannot outrun nor battle my way out of a traffic jam—a biological response designed for occasional use is constantly activated to some degree.

By intentionally breathing with long, slow inhales and exhales, we invite the body to return to homeostasis. This helps optimize functions such as digestion, immune system response, and cellular growth.

Key aspects of intentional breathing include:

  • The diaphragm, a thin muscle between the lungs and the abdominal cavity, should ideally extend downward during inhalation, causing the belly to slightly distend.

  • The exhale should be longer than the inhale.

  • Pausing for several seconds between respirations reassures the body that it is safe to discontinue the stress response.

  • Intentional breathing should be practiced daily, not just when you’re feeling stressed.

I've created a guided video to coach you through two minutes of intentional breathing. Pick a time in your daily schedule and breathe with me every day to promote your overall well-being.



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