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Healing Chronic Pain Pt 3: Weeding the Energetic Garden

Welcome to the third installment in my series on healing chronic pain. Today we will dig into what I call Weeding the Energetic Garden.

I am constantly battling poison ivy in my yard. If you have ever dealt with poison ivy, you know how tenacious it is. It has the long, deep roots. And no matter how carefully I dig it out, little tendrils of root break off in the soil. Eventually the plant will grows back.

Mature poison ivy plant

Young poison ivy plant

I have seen this with my Healing Touch clients. After the energy flows are restored, they feel great. They even look brighter and lighter. But the pain returns after several days. At the beginning of every session I find that the energy has slowed in the same areas of their body. This could be an indication that low vibe beliefs (thoughts we think frequently) are recreating energetic congestion — like tiny poison ivy roots that keep growing back.

When I was in my early 40’s I developed pain and stiffness in my shoulder. Before long I was having trouble getting dressed and buckling the seat belt in my car. I had to prop pillows under my elbows so I could reach the computer keyboard. The pain kept me awake at night.

Now our shoulder is closest to the Throat Chakra. This energy center relates to finding our voice, speaking up for ourselves. My aging MIL living with us at the time. Our relationship ship was not smooth. It seemed to me that she was always offering ‘helpful’ feedback on how I parented my children, how I prepared meals, even how I dressed for work. I am still working on speaking up for myself. So by the time I tried to set boundaries with my MIL, a lot of pent up energy came out. She cried and said I hurt her feelings. So I learned to bite back my words after that.

Healing my frozen shoulder required months of painful physical therapy. But I didn’t understand or address the underlying issue. So about two years later, my other shoulder locked up. I went back to the same physical therapist who prescribed the same exercises. I remember asking my PT WHY this kept happening but she didn’t have an answer. Knowing what I know now, I suspect that choking back my emotions caused energetic congestion in my shoulders eventually causing the joint to freeze up.

Weeding the Energetic Garden requires unearthing the low vibe beliefs and emotions causing energetic congestion. So what could be the energetic source of your chronic pain? Solving the mystery may involve some sleuthing. Begin by noticing which major energy centers - or chakras - are in the vicinity of your pain. What are the functions associated with that chakra? In my example, the pain was closest to the Throat Chakra which is associated with speaking our truth.

Book cover for Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith

There are so many resources for researching physical ailments associated with a blocked chakra. Anodea Judith is a widely recognized expert in chakras. Her book Eastern Body, Western Mind by describes balance and imbalance in each chakra, the dis-eases that may arise from chronic imbalance, possible causes, and remedies.

Pay attention to what is going on in your head and your heart. Listen to what your inner chatter is saying and how it makes you feel. Thoughts and emotions are energy. Energy vibrates at a frequency measured in Hz. Fear, grief, regret, and shame are low-vibe emotions in the 20 - 100 Hz range (as compared to love and serenity in the 500 - 540 Hz range). Look for persistent thoughts or memories that trigger low vibe emotions.

Allow me to interrupt myself for a moment to point out that low-vide emotions are a natural part of life. The Buddha taught that emotions are like riding a wheel - sometimes you are up and sometimes you aren’t. Suffering arises when the wheel stops moving. I’m not proposing that you avoid fear, grief, and regret - that is impossible. I’m talking about dwelling in low vibrations. If the timing of your pain coincided with intense loss, you may be in mourning. Healing grief is a process with a personalized time table. Use Energetic First Aid to keep your energy flowing while you heal.

I love this book by Louise Hay so much that I gift it to my clients. In the back is a section that lists probable causes for physical ailments and affirmations that we can use to replace old programming with high vibe beliefs. If there’s a book that has been helpful for you, I invite you to post it in the comments.

Book cover for You Can Heal You Life by Louise Hay

Just as with Energetic First Aid, you may want to hire a contractor to help you weed your garden. Someone who is qualified to help you do some deep digging and get the poison ivy by the roots. Consider finding a therapist with specialized training in energy healing. The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology has a searchable database on their website.

Long standing low-vide beliefs have deep roots. Pulling them out is not quick or easy, which is why it is important to continue practicing Energetic First Aid while we are weeding. Energetic weeds will never disappear completely but with time and intention we can slow their return.



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