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Doodle Your Noodle

A creative way to improve focus and increase memory retention

We all know about the health benefits of meditating. But many people find sitting still boring at best and downright impossible at times.

Doodling a design that coordinates eye / hand movements in repetitious movement stimulates the relaxation response. Our brain quiets. It enter a meditative state where healing happens.

Doodling improves focus. Studies show that people who doodled while listening to a lecture remembered more the the information than people who didn’t.

In this video, I show you how to draw one of my favorite doodles. It looks complicated but it's super simple once you know the secret. Drawing straight lines freehand encourages our brain and body to slow down and pay attention. It's a way to enjoy the health benefits of meditation without sitting motionless on a cushion. Enjoy!

optical illusion drawing with straight lines
Alternating Fans Doodle



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