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Cracking the Code on Chronic Pain Pt 2: Energetic First Aid

Welcome to the second installment in my series where we explore chronic pain from an energetic perspective. In the first video, we learned that:

  1. Our bodies are rivers of constantly flowing energy.

  2. Disruptions to the flow of energy impair our body’s ability to rejuvenate eventually resulting in physical damage.

  3. Pain is our body’s way of getting our attention so we can minimize the damage to our physical body.

Let’s talk about what I like to call Energetic First Aid. First Aid refers to immediate interventions to stabilize a person’s condition until comprehensive care is available. It is critical to get the energy flowing again like the strong current in the middle of a river. This prevents further damage and initiates the healing process.

Do-it-Yourself: Energetic First Aid is mostly DIY. The techniques are simple, don't require special equipment, and can be performed in the comfort of your home.

  • One way to restore energy flow is to stimulate points on the meridians by compression or massage. When we release applied pressure, fresh energy pours into the affected area. Think of it as an energetic reset button. Perhaps you have heard of techniques such as acupressure, pressure point therapy, trigger point therapy or reflexology. One of the acupressure resources I use is the book Head-to-Toe Healing from Spring Forest Qigong.

  • Meridian points are also used in tapping. There are so many free tapping videos available online. Check out Dawson Church, or Nick and Jessica Ortner. I have a 7-minute Guided Tapping Sequence video on my YouTube channel that guides you in the Trauma Tapping Technique as taught by the Peaceful Heart Network.

  • Another method is to move our energy using our hands as in Qigong, Reiki or Healing Touch (which is what I am trained in). I have a video on my YouTube channel for the Infinity Technique. Not only does this technique alleviate pain and swelling, it can reduce anxiety and help you sleep.

  • Consistency is critical! Pick a technique and practice it several times a day. Your body wants to heal but it also has a tendency to return to baseline because that feels familiar. It takes time to teach your body a new pain-free normal.

  • Donna Eden has been practicing energy medicine since the 1970’s and has hundreds of free videos online. One of her most popular techniques is the Daily Energy Routine. In 15 minutes, the energy in your body will be raging like a river.

Hire a Contractor: If you have been suffering with chronic pain for awhile, your energy may need a jumpstart for DIY techniques to be effective. Consider working with an energy healer such as a practitioner of acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki, or Healing Touch. Again consistency is key! Commit up front to at least 3 sessions. We learned in Healing Touch that it is not until the third session that a client’s body relaxes enough to fully receive the benefits.

I know someone who was suffering with chronic wrist pain. After 2 or 3 surgeries, she was still suffering. A friend convinced her to try acupuncture. After only one session, she declared acupuncture ineffective and returned to the surgeon for another operation. Understand -- I believe that western medicine is wonderful and surgery is the best option in many cases…but if you were looking to increase upper body strength you wouldn’t do one rep of weightlifting and expect to see results.

rushing water in a river
For optimal health, the energy in our body should flow like a rushing river

I believe that optimal health depends on clearing the river every day. Just as we find the time every day to brush our hair, shower, and clean our teeth - it is imperative that we clear our energy flows. Our lives are filled with opportunities for low-vibe experiences that disrupt the energy flow. Unless the flow is restored dis-ease will arise. Everything we covered in under DIY approach is simple and quick enough to do on a daily basis.

If your chronic pain is due to incomplete healing following an injury, Energetic First Aid may be all you need for permanent relief. But if your pain is associated with low-vibe emotions or low-vibe beliefs, first aid is just the first step. Join me for the next installment when we talk about what I call Weeding the Energetic Garden.



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