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Carbs: Friend or Foe to Your Health?

Carbohydrates (or carbs as they are commonly called) have an undeserved reputation as enemies to our health. Carbs are one of four types of calories: carbs, protein, fat, and alcohol.  Both carbs and protein contain 4 calories per gram, while alcohol serves up 7 calories per gram and fat weighs in at 9 calories per gram. All the nutritional folklore about calories persists like tales told around the proverbial campfire. When it comes to nourishing our body, however, the quantity or type of calories doesn't matter. Carbs can be our friend or our foe depending on the circumstances. It is past time to stop paying attention to them.


Someone struggling with high blood sugar told me recently that they NEVER eat carbs. That's impossible unless one only ever eats meat. We shouldn't label foods as one type of calorie since most foods (with the exception of meat) contain a combination of carbs, proteins, and fats. Even an orange has nearly a gram of protein and a trace amount of fat.


According to the CDC, 38% of Americans age 18 and older had prediabetes in 2021. Although diagnosed by chronically high blood sugar, the culprit lurking in the shadows of prediabetes is insulin resistance. A long list of health risks are associated with insulin resistance (watch the video for details).  


Oh, and that juicy steak? It may not contain any calories from carbs but it will still spike your insulin level 😲

The NEW Daily Intention Club

An intentional life is filled with intentional days. 


This week I rolled out the NEW Daily Intention Club for people who want to be more intentional every day.  Since my daily intention videos are garnering thousands of views every week, I decided to make it easier to get your daily dose of intention setting by delivering each morning's video straight to your inbox. Visit IntendWell.US if you want to sign up.


Of course, you can still watch the daily intention video every morning at 6:00 AM Eastern on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram.



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