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Your Guide to Transformational Change: Part 2 Are You Ready?

This is the second installment in my guide to making transformational change in your life. In the first part we talked about the power of intention. In this section we will cover how you know when you are ready for change.

Many a resolution is forgotten by February because excitement about the New Year is mistaken as readiness for change. Here are some ways that you know you are ready.

Know your SACRIFICES Gym memberships typically soar in January. Buying a gym membership is simple. But then we need to create space in our routine to drive to the gym, change clothes, work out, and shower. If we decide to go to the gym before work, an earlier rising requires an earlier bedtime. Unless we give up our existing evening routine, the snooze button will be getting the workout instead of our body. You will need to create space in your schedule to plan, practice, and learn from the intention you drafted last week. Assuming you don’t have oodles of free time in your schedule (pretty safe assumption for most of us), you will need to sacrifice an existing activity. What are you willing to sacrifice to create space for change? How much time will that free up?

Know your WHYS Change happens when the perceived pain of staying the same outweighs the perceived pain of change. Why are you considering change? Is it because someone else — like your doctor or a loved one— suggested it? Perhaps it is because you know some changes would be good for your health. Knowing that change is good for us may not be enough to sustain us when inevitable setbacks occur. Odds of success are highest when we have a burning heartfelt desire to change. What are your whys? Are they heavy enough to outweigh the pain of change? Are your whys realistic? Sometimes we make the mistake of assuming that a new job, a new body, a new whatever is going to infuse our lives with joy. Happiness is a choice that does not require anything to change except your perspective.

Know your WHEN Timing is everything. Are you ready to start today? If not, do you know when you will be ready? What would need to change for you to feel ready?

Know your WHOS The people in your life will be impacted by your change. For example, if you decide to stop playing video games you may spend less time with your gamer friends. If you want to eliminate a certain food from your diet, you may want family members’ support keeping that food out of the house. A friend or romantic partner may interfere out of fear worry you are growing away from them. Who can enable or hinder your change journey? How can you encourage their support?

It’s ok if now is not a good time to commit to change…yet. Come back to this book when you are ready to take action. Anything we undertake with half-hearted whys will yield half-hearted results (and full-blown disappointment).

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