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Embrace the Gift of Contrast (Why NOT Getting What You Want is a Good Thing!)

Contrast, in the realm of art, involves skillfully blending opposing values, textures, or colors. This could be achieved by juxtaposing light and dark, smooth and rough, or even vibrant orange and soothing blue. The purpose of contrast is to infuse depth and captivate the viewer's visual senses. Artists utilize contrast as a tool to guide the observer's gaze across the various elements within a composition. Beyond the realm of art, contrast emerges as an intrinsic facet of life. It encompasses a stark divergence from our desired state.

Imagine a world where everything unfailingly aligns with our preferences; it would inevitably lead to a monotonous existence. In the movie L.A. Story, the weather is a glorious sunny and 72 degrees every day. It's so predictable that the weather forecast is filmed in advance. But there is nothing like a few days of rain to make us really appreciate a sunny day.

Instead of yearning for contrast to swiftly dissipate, we have the remarkable opportunity to harness its potential for personal development. Not getting what we want is good because we appreciate what we have.

In this way, contrast magnifies the pleasure we experience in our lives. It revitalizes our ability to truly savor and appreciate the aspects of life that may have become mundane or overlooked. By highlighting the disparities, contrast prompts us to cultivate gratitude for the aspects we may have taken for granted.



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